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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Coming to terms, or Margarita Cupcakes

I've always been disappointed with myself because I don't like traditional margaritas. I love strawberry ones, I will partake in one of those any time, but something about traditional ones just turns me off. Or as my Dad says, makes me feel like I'm eating bathroom cleaner. He really has a way with words.

So I should have known that I would just love margarita cupcakes. Sometimes, my smarts even surprise me. This recipe was me coming to terms with this fault of mine.

The whole thing started because my sister Allyson was returning home from a trip to Mexico, and since she started galavanting across the border and back she's picked up an affinity for tequila. I am personally not a fan of it; it never ends well for me. You can put it right up there with Twisted Tea, gin, and shots of just about anything.

We had missed celebrating Allyson's birthday, and decided to celebrate when she got back into Philly about a month later. Baking with tequila sounds challenging at first (or the greatest way to mask a drinking problem), but I found a pretty great recipe and decided that even though I generally don't like margaritas, this would work and I would love them. Maybe I was inhaling too much powdered sugar.

The main ingredients.

The cupcakes turned out awesome. The batter tasted really good, it was accented with just enough lime juice and bits of lime zest. They made the whole house smell like Disney World.

The icing was probably the fluffiest icing I ever made, it's a great recipe. And I really liked it until I put the tequila and lime juice in. I have to mention that people actually liked these cupcakes (probably should have mentioned that earlier) -- it was me who didn't like them. Maybe because I poured the tequila in, I could taste it more than anything else... but people seemed to really enjoy them. I would suggest that if you don't like the margarita DRINK, these cupcakes are not for you. Even though they looked awesome.


I used the icing gun to swirl around the icing for the tops of the cupcakes, and sprinkled more lime zest over the tops.

They look good right?

Here's the recipe if you want to give them a try: http://thefrostedcupcakes.blogspot.com/2011/05/margarita-cupcakes-for-cinco-de-mayo.html

^^That Frosted blog is awesome, by the way. I would highly suggest subscribing to it if you like this blog but wish that it was better maintained and more clever. That's the blog for you!

In other news, YeahI'dBakeThat is huge in Indonesia this month! I totally get that.

In other other news, we're quickly approaching four digit views, and to celebrate I've got a ONE OF A KIND cupcake coming your way. The parts themselves will be lifted from other recipes, but it's never been done before (that we know of). Once we break that viewing record, I'll bake them up and share them with the eagerly awaiting masses. If you want to see the recipe tell your friends to check out this blog already. Seriously, it's getting ridiculous.

Source: Margarita Cupcakes for Cinco de Mayo
Frosted! Gourmet Cupcakes, Cookies & Treats


at 1000 views you bake us each a cupcake? I LIKE IT!!!!

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