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Snickers Cupcakes

Easily one of the best cupcake recipes I've come across, these chocolate cupcakes have middles that are filled with bits of snickers covered in homemade caramel sauce. What, did your teeth just tell you to stay away from these? You may want to make a dentist appointment after eating them, but they're amazing and will charm the pants off of your everyone at your party when you bring them out!

Chocolate Dump Cake

It may not have the prettiest title, but this chocolate cake is so easy that you'll actually volunteer to bring it to family functions. No kidding! With a shockingly low amount of ingredients, this chocolate cake spans seasons. Need a quick dessert for dinner? Dump cake. Need to bring a cake into work when you don't care enough to bake something for people you don't even like? Dump cake.

Red Velvet Cupcakes + Cream Cheese Icing

You only turn 26 once, and when you do you should celebrate with Red Velvet! These cupcakes come with a long line of recommendations and will not disappoint. Scouts honor.

Monday, January 14, 2013

A Disasterpiece

This is a short post because I don't like writing about disasters when I can't pull them off graciously or casually act like I meant to do it. Sometimes you can get away with it, like how if I burn the edge of a batch of brownies I'll just cut all the edges off, throw them away, and make really tiny brownie bites and nobody has any idea that I stood in front of the stove saying the f word repeatedly. That's not gracious.

{There was actually a video made about my kitchen behavior, you can watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=6fn2qTuqkRs }

I saw these peanut butter m&m chex bars on pinterest like a hundred times over the weekend, and resolved to try them since I didn't want to watch football or start reading any of the novels I'll have to finish this Spring. It was a weird day, and after a failed trip to the mall [because why does everyone just wear pajamas and look like they want to hurt me?] I went to the grocery store, picked up the goods and tried them out.

It's important to remember now that I have a history with rice krispie treats and marshmallows. But I just keep trying. Now I know that I should probably stop trying. These were a total fail for me.

I suggest you look at the recipe and give them a try, and if you have the right touch with melting marshmallows and dry cereal into something delicious you have my blessing. Me? I'm just going to quit with the marshmallows. Just quit.

Here's the garbage bars I was left with, they taste alright but do not look appetizing.
The link: http://cookiesandcups.com/peanut-butter-mm-chex-bars/

Source: Cookies & Cups
Link: http://cookiesandcups.com/peanut-butter-mm-chex-bars/


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